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Modern human life is associated with certain laws and rules. Also in Kraken, there are some rules, failure to comply with which threatens with serious sanctions and isolation in the world of the dark web. Study them so as not to get into trouble.

• Firstly, you cannot blame or behave incorrectly towards other participants in the transaction. Respect for a person is the main component in communication. A dispute is open on the site, where those who wish to express their point of view can freely do so without offending the interlocutors. If, nevertheless, it is not possible to reach a consensus in a dispute, original judges - guarantors - come to the rescue.
• Another unshakable and unwritten rule of Kraken is the truthful description of goods. This includes issues of weight, appearance and quality. If the buyer can prove with the help of a photo the poor quality, unsuitability or even the absence of the treasure, there is the possibility of a refund. In this case, the store is warned, but if the situation is repeated, it will be fined. In case of malicious violations, such a seller is removed from the list, without the possibility of recovery.
• Also on Kraken advertising of third-party resources in the form of links in messages is prohibited.